Hayden-Cobra Comfortable Cruising

Cobras generally are known for offering some of the most thrilling four-wheeled experiences you can have on the road. They are very light, very powerful and raw.

Performance and the feeling of connection with the car are one thing, but then there’s this whole other thing about it being a head-turning showstopper wherever it goes, which is discovers during the drive - and most people usually know what it is, but even so it’s no less impressive to see one.

At HAYDEN COBRA, we believe that you should be able to enjoy driving your COBRA in comfort and drive it as often a possible, therefore we built the COBRA with the most interior space, by far, and our competitors are not happy about it....

Comfortably cruising in your COBRA is important

Hayden Cobra delivers the safest and best handling driving experience of any Cobra being built.

The reason for the superior performance is the attention to detail and the engineering approach to the construction of the car. We don’t just replicate the old Shelby Cobra, even through they look the same on the outside, under the skin we have made the difference.

Carol Shelby was a racer – not an engineer. The Shelby Cobra famously handled very poorly under speed, thus loosing out to Ferrari in the Le Mans in later years.

We changed that.

Cheap ladder frame design used by our competitors.

We got rid of the old ladder frame designs and partnered the University of Cape Town and designed a space-frame chassis and stress tested it to ensure that the HAYDEN COBRA performs like a fast sports car should.

We don’t use pirated BMW suspension parts, like the competitors, but rather spent time and effort in designing suspension for the COBRA.

It features anti-dive and anti-squat technology, which means the COBRA does not lift it nose when accelerating or dive dangerously when braking.

Advanced space-frame chassis offers a far greater driving experience - and safer!

Our great chassis design also allowed us to have more space inside the cockpit, taller and larger drivers fit in easily, and don’t have to look over the windscreen.

These features make the Hayden COBRA as great sports car, but also a great car to drive often!

Below are some pictures of tall guys struggling to fit into the cars that were built by our competitors - they are really not comfortable, and won't be comfortable driving their cars often and over longer distances. Our competitors even remove the padding on the seats to try and squeeze out an inch! ....Ouch!.... Not cool - you deserve better!

Tall guys are much more comfortable in a HAYDEN COBRA:

To find out more about the design, the space we created and the driving experience, contact us to book a test drive or visit us. We will be glad to have you sit in the most comfortable COBRA, you'll be amazed!


+27 21 551 1947 or +27 84 412 5823

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