Our Annual Concours at Emperors Palace

Our annual concourse was held at Emperor's Palace, in a very prominent place in the Hooters parking area.

We managed 58 Cobras and 1 Daytona, just short of 60.

The club members and friends turned the Hooters parking lot into quite a festival, the multitude of colours of the Cobras gave a smarty box look to the mix.

The Hooter girls seemed to really enjoy the event also posing in front of just about all the Cobra’s individually, see the gallery for some pictures of the day.

Of course the Daytona drew a crowd all day, especially when the bonnet was open, all were drooling over that view.

We had the two competition categories, 'De Tat' and 'TOPs':-

De Tat hosted 2 Cobras, by Willem Stieler (Concours SA 2017 winner) and Andre Richard

TOPs had a bumper field of 22 Cobras about 37% of the field.

We had three visitors from Bloemfontein, one from Potchefstroom and one from the South Coast.

Thanks guys and all that attended, hope you enjoyed the day.

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