Cobra Run to Potch Car Show

Another great run to Potch has been done and dusted, ready for next year’s one, a Wednesday.

Thank you Ben for arranging our usual parking place.

The run started off very well. Since I am on the West Rand decided to go straight to the final meet point.

Who said the aeroplane had gone, it’s still there large as life.

Eventually we assembled and had a merry band of 7 cobras lined up. We rolled out to some fast paced travelling. About 20 kms from Potch we stopped as one Cobra’s water temperature shot up into the 120 C. This was quickly sorted by turning the fan on, presumably a sensor wire came loose with the rumble stripes on the road surface at the intersections. The our next problem arrived, a second cobra could not restart, the alternator was not working and battery ran flat. A problem with modern motors that us ECU’s, they just die. A battery swap and jump start of my cobra with the flatty we were off again, it got a reasonable charge by time we parked at the church grounds.

The rest of the day was fairly normal. The show did not seem to be a crowded as last year though, number of show cars was down.

Plenty of food and the stalls were busy, busy, busy.

All in all a great day out with added bonus of checking out cars from the North-West.

Results from the show judging, bear in mind there are quite a few classes. Ben Van Dyk (snr) 2nd overall and 1st Cobra Ben Van Dyk (jnr) 2nd Cobra Dada Nel 3rd Cobra

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