Superformance Cobra enters Concours

For the second Concours South Africa event, taking place at Sun City from 4-6 August 2017, the Cobra Club of South Africa has entered its Superformance Cobra in the Retro Modified class.


The Superformance replica, modelled after the competition street versions of the Mk III Cobras known as the 427 SC, is the result of a painstaking build that took place over a number of years in Brakpan on the East Rand. The car is owned by Willem Stieler, a financial manager at the famed Denel Aeronautic firm in Kempton Park.

“The Cobra Club guys have very kindly clubbed together to enter my car, which has won the Cobra Club concours a number of times. We will be entering in the Retro Modified class at Sun City as a bit of an experiment, to see how it fits in with the judging criteria of the event,” says Stieler.

The Superformance cars are noted as being amongst the finest Cobra replicas in the world, and have a huge reputation both in America and Europe. They were built at the hi-tech plant in Port Elizabeth. After a long-running copyright dispute with the original creator of the Cobra, the Superformance cars eventually achieved the accolade of being sanctioned by the great Carroll Shelby himself. “This one I bought is a 1994 Superformance model, one of the very first cars," says Stieler. “I bought it as a bare body and chassis and four wheels. The right-hand front section of the body had been destroyed in an accident, including the front wishbone assembly and the chassis was also slightly bent. So I had to remove the body from the chassis, which was a hell of a job, as the body was bonded to the chassis. I used a hacksaw blade to do this and it took me a few weeks to do that. “I made a jig to replicate the right-hand-side wishbone, and I had a lot of help and advice from a Hi-Tech (Superformance) specialist called Greg Erasmus. Then the body I rebuilt, using a portion of a

from the old Kit Car Centre, which made the very early Cobra replicas in this country. There were a number of small changes I had to make to get both sides equal," says Stieler.

While this conference will undoubtedly attract collectors entering their cars in Concours South Africa 2017, it is open to anyone interested in classic and collectible cars from an investment point of view. There is still time to enter your pristine classic for Concours South Africa 2017. For more, go to



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