Looks That Kill and the Power To Get Away With It.

So what do you do to a car that’s shaped like Marilyn Monroe-and costs just as much-when you want to one-up yourself? You build two that shine as brightly as the sun...

This makes me want to smash out the front porch, install a chandelier, and add a garage door to my living room.

Fact: copper is hard to weld, and some people are allergic to copper dust. This means hand-forming the body of a car from sheets of copper is not only cost prohibitive, it’s also grueling on fabricators. Fact number two: Aluminum gets hot when you machine it, which ruins tools if you’re not careful, so building an entire chassis from billet aluminum can be unbelievably expensive, never mind that it takes forever. So why would anyone go to all the trouble and expense of building one car with the sheen of a new penny and another from big chunks of billet aluminum? Fame and fortune, of course.

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