July 2, 2020

AC Cars originator of slab side AC Cobras is releasing limited numbers of new Cobras.
Its 58 years since the first AC Cobra was built so,
58 AC Cobra Series 1 electric, powered by 54 kWh lithium-ion battery (just don't open the bonnet)
58 AC Cobra 140 Charter Edition,...

May 15, 2020

Hi Club Members and Friends,
Animal charities rely on public donations monthly to keep their doors open.
With a lot of their contributors having no income, it is beginning to take its toll.
We would like to call on all our members and friends, to assist us with our fun...

May 1, 2020


Preparing the car

For the car to be safe it must be able to stop and to steer.

  1. Get rid of any steering play in either the column or in the rack itself

  2. Bleed the brakes – if in doubt replace the fluid and ensure that the pedal is nice and firm

  3. ...

August 6, 2019

Buying a Project Cobra...
Gian and I have taken on some Cobra Project cars over the years. The one in this story goes back to before South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup. 
I got a call on this “runner” Cobra that needed “some” work. Without seeing this Cobra in per...

June 1, 2019

Cobras generally are known for offering some of the most thrilling four-wheeled experiences you can have on the road. They are very light, very powerful and raw.

Performance and the feeling of connection with the car are one thing, but then there’s this whole other thin...

May 9, 2019

In this edition I’d like to explore the various engine options available in your HAYDEN COBRA. There are different views on which engines to fit, and most choices, like the Cobras, are unique and customized to the taste of the owner. We do offer any number of options f...

April 9, 2019

Chapter 4: More Space

In this chapter we explore the chassis design changes to suit larger and taller drivers, the decision to use an advanced resin for the body and other changes that have made the COBRA such a success with the discerning buyer.

The multi-tube chassis w...

March 28, 2019

Chapter 3: Suspension

We continue our origins story in this edition with the story of the remarkably improved suspension in our Cobra.

Les tells us how it came to be...

Les was not happy with typical Cobra suspension in that it has a tendency to allow the car to nose-dive...